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Gentleman Agricultural Property Types

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Property Type:

Farmettes/Ranchettes that are owner-occupied Hobby Farms, Country Squire, Gentleman Ranchers, and Part-time Farmers containing five (5) acres or more, with a good location, maintenance, no environmental risk and with outside income to support the debt.

Loan Security:

First fee mortgages encumbering real estate and fixed improvements with customary assignments and pledges. Leaseholds considered on a case-by-case basis.

Loan Amount:

$500,000 to $2,300,000 per property.


Thirty (30) Years.


Thirty (30) Years.

Maximum LTV:

70% maximum, or 85% subject to Mortgage Insurance Limitations.

Minimum DSCR:



Recourse is required.


Monthly escrow is required for taxes and insurance.


Closed for seven and one-half years, then subject to a Prepayment Penalty based up Yield Maintenance.

Other Conditions:

Dwelling must be 30% of value, zoning must be agricultural use, and minimum Credit Score must be 620 or better. Standard Terms and Conditions also apply.

Interest Rates:

See the most current Pricing Matrix. Rate Buy-Downs are not available..

ALL terms are subject to change.

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